The skincare products we carry are the finest in the industry. We’ve chosen the Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, and Designer Skin product lines for their commitment to giving you the finest ingredients and the latest in skincare innovations to produce a healthy tan and maintain beautiful skin.

Mystic Tan Mystic Tan Products
Exfoliating and moisturizing products accelerate your tan and produce deeper, darker results while the premium Mystic Tan® sunless tanning products not only maximize the appearance of your tan, they also nourish and moisturize your skin so that you stay tan longer. Get the sunless tan that Mystic Tan® is famous for –anytime, anywhere with their Self-Tanning products. Lastly, eliminate odor, extend your tan and prevent uneven fading with post-sunless products.
Outdoor SPF’s

Outdoor SPF’s (Sun Protection Factor) provide protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. SPF measures the effectiveness of the product and indicates how long you can safely stay in the sun before you burn when using the product compared to not using any sunscreen at all-when used correctly.

We also offer SPF lip balm because your lips are very sensitive and cannot protect themselves against the sun’s rays.

Moisturizers/Specialty Products

Moisturized skin tans easier and faster. Dry skin reflects the UV light making it useless to try to tan with dry skin. Our products have been formulated by top skin care companies to ensure the best moisturization for tanners and longer lasting tans because of it. Due to the harsh effects of bath soaps on the skin, shower gels are available and are much gentler to the skin.