Galaxy - Exclusive High Pressure Tanning with Virtually No Burning.

  • Quick 10-Minute Vertical
  • No tan lines

Diamond - Medium Pressure Super Bronzing VHR.
  • Mega-Sized for comfort and performance
  • Full-body tan with face and shoulder tanners
  • Fast and dark results in 12 minutes

Classic 600

Platinum - Super VHR Technology.

  • Faster, Darker, Longer lasting tan
  • Super charged 15 and18 minute beds
  • Quick 9 and 10 minute vertical systems
Royal Sun
Royal Sun
Mega V
Mega V

Gold - Classic Wolff low-pressure system.

  • Relaxing 20 minute tan
  • Balanced UV output
  • Tunnel design for better results

Mystic Tan
UV-Free Sunless Tanning Consisting of Aloe Vera and DHA (sunless tanner).
  • Touch-free spray-on tanning in private booth
  • Provides an even natural looking tan
  • Lasts 4-6 days depending on your body's moisture
  • Maintain with one session per week